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Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Whether your organisation is migrating to the cloud for the first time or starting to embrace a hybrid cloud solution with a mix of an on-premise server for your Sage and cloud document storage using Dropbox, 2019 is the year to transform your enterprise.

If your company is only looking to start considering moving to the cloud, then you have some catching up to do. In a recent survey, tech media company IDC found that nearly every organisation researched had, or is planning to have, at least a portion of their computing infrastructure within the cloud by 2020.

The upside, however, for those who haven’t yet started, is that there have never been so many options for moving part or all your IT to the cloud. In its Service Provider Pulse 1Q18 Quarterly Summary, IDC noted that the demand for enterprise cloud services is causing cloud service providers (CSPs) to develop new offerings to meet customer demand. Some of these new offerings are coming from next wave providers, which can tailor specific solutions for customers. An example of this is mybusiness’s integrated platform -mybusiness cloud for Sage 200. mybusiness cloud for Sage 200 comes with Sage 200 already loaded includes all the necessary Microsoft SQL licenses as part of the package.

Whether you’re considering upgrading your old server to run the latest Sage 200 or preparing to deliver new products and services to your customers, here are five reasons why you should strongly consider moving your IT to the cloud in 2019.


Perhaps even more important than speed is predictability. When users have tight management report deadlines which are dependent on being able to run those Sage 200 BI reports or Excel spreadsheets they need to be sure that their systems perform at all times.

Cloud Service providers such as mybusiness cloud give enterprises a reliable infrastructure so their customers can run their reports as required and whom will have little patience for any costly downtime. This can be especially important for distribution and manufacturing companies who operate on 24-hour turnaround deadlines and construction companies who have staff on-site, these companies base much of their value on dependability.


This year UKFast, which hosts thousands of eCommerce sites, saw a 30% spike in Black Friday web traffic. Consumer demands for internet services are growing across the world. Cisco predicts IP traffic will grow three times larger than it is today over the next four years. No matter what your business happens to be, you’re going to have to rely on enterprise cloud infrastructure to reach and serve your clients.


We live in an environment where it is not good enough to stand still. Particularly for start-ups or fast-growing companies it is essential that there IT can easily scale-up to meet increased demands. Even when times get tough and you need to downscale, being able to reduce your IT costs from one month to the next is equally important. Cloud service providers such as mybusiness cloud can offer this scalability both in terms of added resource or where required reduced cost.


Part of an enterprise’s growth can require new third-party applications to work with Sage 200. These applications need to be deployed easily in the cloud with the option to move them to where they can be optimized. Choosing a cloud service provider that operates on standardised infrastructure can ensure your company can move from cloud to on-premise or some form of a hybrid solution as business or regulation dictates.

Cost Efficiency

Of all the reasons to embrace enterprise cloud, cost efficiency is perhaps most important. Whether you’re a company with decades of experience or a newer player growing quickly in a competitive market, everyone is looking to save where possible.

It used to be the case that cloud solutions were often seen as more expensive than on-premise due to the benefits that only a cloud solution can provide. Now however the opposite is true

Moving off legacy equipment to a cloud infrastructure can help lower total cost of ownership in the long run.

As I stated earlier, if your enterprise is just beginning to move to the cloud, you likely know how fast you need to catch up. Thankfully, there’s never been a better time.

If you would like more information or to have an informal chat about how we can help please contact:

Andrew Starkey at mybusiness cloud on Mobile: 07761932262 or 0203 585 4135 or

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